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Belatedly Introducing Ronald “Ronnie” Edward Somerset

I can’t believe this is 2 and a half months late already, I wish I could come up with some elaborate reason for that but honestly its just been that hectic that I haven’t had time or just plain forgot. So a big welcome to the world to Ronald “Ronnie” Edward Somerset, Born 11:45 AM on 22nd January 2013 at a perfectly average 2.95KG or 6 lbs 8oz in English money. It’s hard to believe that at 10 and a half weeks he is already well over 5KG’s and totally healthy, the paediatrician even commented on his strength for such a young baby.


I have to confess, being a dad is the hardest job in the world, but its absolutely 100% without a doubt totally worth it. I’m only about 3 months in and probably making mistakes but learning all the time. Smelly Diapers (Nappies for the English) are definitely my weakness, but thankfully I have an amazing wife that does most of the nappy changing for me.

I do have to say that after watching Marie in action, I don’t know how single parents do it, and despite their circumstances I have a whole new respect for them doing what really is a 2 person job on their own. Marie is such a faithful wife and doesn’t complain that it’s hard and tiring, even though it is and most days she is in bed by 8PM and out for the count. She so amazingly releases me by doing the night time feeds so that I get a reasonably good nights rest so that I can work the next day without being tired myself. She is the absolutely biblical model of a wife!

So I’ve got at least the next 18+ years to look forward to, sure its going to have its ups and downs but right now I get to quote God from Mathew 3:17Β Β β€œThis is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” πŸ™‚

Despite the Credit Crunch and all that, the Bank of Dad is now open, will likely need bailing out in about 18 or so years!


Busy month ahead

i have a very busy month ahead of me, some would say a gruelling schedule, so far it looks like this:

  1. tonight (8th) until thursday (12th) – working at newday
  2. 19th – 6th Sept in Zimbabwe! ( i fly through 2 other countries just to get there!)

Zimbabwe will include quite a few things such as

  • Meeting Marie’s parents for the first time (on my own no less – Marie comes out a few days later)
  • 5 hour drive to Antelope park for a friends wedding
  • hopefully if time permits, safari or standing with lions (no wrestling i promise πŸ˜‰ )
  • being an usher/groomsmen at said wedding
  • 5 hour drive back to Harare from Antelope Park
  • helping prepare for a christian youth conference (Ignite Twenty 10) – hopefully fit in a bet of jet skiing too πŸ™‚
  • helping run all things tech at Ignite Twenty 10 πŸ™‚

so all in all i am gonna be busy, but i am going to be having fun all the time, doing what i enjoy mixed in with meeting new people and some fun play time too! i will need a holiday from my holiday no doubt. if i can i will try and blog when in Zim but cant guarentee how the internet will cope out there not forgetting the not so unusual power cuts. i am praying that my time in Zim is fruitful and restful as well as busy. i am praying that all the technical aspects of Ignite go well and that we have no problems.

please pray for a safe and exciting trip