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Been way too long

So it has been exceptionally too long since writing here. I wish i could say it was due to some huge amazing adventure, and not having time etc. However, in all honesty it has been purely down to laziness. My aim as with every time i re-invigorate myself to start posting again, is that i post on a more consistent basis. Life is busy so i won’t make it a promise but i will make better efforts!

So a LOT has happened since my previous post here. My last post was announcing to the world the birth of our First born son, Ronnie. Well if you’ve not been keeping up via other means like facebook, you won’t know that approx 20 months after bring Ronnie into the world, Marie and I had our second child, Rosie.

In the time between then and now we’ve had a number of major life changes. Changes of Houses, Churches, Countries, and even Jobs, in some cases more than once. I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice to say we are now settled happily in South Africa, proud owners of a house, 2 healthy and flourishing children, 2 cats, a happy wife (remember, a happy wife = happy life πŸ˜€ ) and in a fairly stable job working for Liquid Telecom

The work commute is a bit on the long side from what i was used to, in that it is now approx 45-60 mins each way. This is when compared to the previous 15 minutes or even 0 minutes when still freelancing. In contrast now, the school run is less than 10 minutes and the kids love their school and have made lots of friends so far.

We are plugged into City Hill Church in Bryanston and enjoying it and the “small church” vibe despite not being that small! In short, a lot of changes in the last few years I have to continue to be humble and acknowledge that God has played a massive part in various events. I am sure Marie (and hopefully myself too) will have further updates in due course

Life is as always, very busy, so I will keep this update this brief and will sign off with a slightly more current family picture. from an organisational perspective the observant among you will note that we have split our various blogs apart. Marie’s updates will now happen from her own dedicated site – My non-tech updates will remain here and my various technical mutterings are now found at I do trust that we will update more frequently going forwards.

76 Days :)

its 76 days until our wedding day, thats just over 2 months or just under 11 weeks, either way time does not wait for anyone! And i cant wait either!, we have just been to our second week of marriage prep and i have to say i am finding it remarkably helpful, Ross & Joy have experience and advice from there 30+ years of marriage that we would neccesarily be able to access as openly and honestly in any other setting except perhaps one to one, its humbling to see a couple so open and honest about some of there past challenges and issues and how they dealt with them, its refreshing and only helps for when we might have those same or similar issues.

this week involved a little bit about looking at some wedding vows and what they mean to us, we were given a few different versions, and i have to say we found something pretty much on the money of what we want to have at our wedding – not going to reveal them here so its extra special on the wedding day and we still haven’t tweaked them for us.

Life in general has been ebbing and flowing this week, had some work through this week but i cant say i was specifically busy, my uni lectures hit that “Mind Bending” stage which is good, i shall no longer be bored in the lecture! for my freelancing i got Marie to help me with Proofing the copy on my work website ( and i am glad to say it now makes sense and is grammatically correct – i wish i could say the same about this blog!

we have looked at a few houses and flats now while hunting for our new home together for the new year, pleased to say we put an offer in on a place and it was accepted, so hopefully the relevant credit checks and paperwork go smoothly and we can pick up the keys from the landlady or agent in early december just before we fly to Zimbabwe for Christmas and the Wedding! pictures of all of the above to follow in due course)

next week is a little bit more of the same at the moment, although uni coursework is out so i should really get on with that (shouldn’t take too long) Running Front of House Sound at church tomorrow which will be good fun, will try not to put too much delay on lead vox (echo to non technical people!)