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How do i do it!

so how is my site built, its quite simple really.

i use Drupal which is a CMS system that uses PHP and MySQL its module based so that you can extend the functionality really quickly and fairly easily, this setup is reasonably simple and uses very few non “Core” modules.

some important modules that i would reccomend for anyone seriously working with drupal are:

1. CCK (Content Creation Kit)

not so much a module but a set of modules that allow you to do so much more with drupal by adding fields and the ability build custom forms as one example, its power is really shown when you combine it with Views, the best kind of overview for CCK can be found at:


this is a module that can help you improve the way you display almost anything in drupal, it is essentially a smart query builder that allows you to present almost anything within drupal how you require it.

3. Wysiwyg, TinyMCE, IMCE, IMCE Bridge

these 4 modules combined make actual content creation so much easier, from a simple editor interface that resembles a basic version of your favourite word processor(TinyMCE – not actually a current drupal module), combined with easy file upload and picture management from IMCE, and producing good posts with zero HTML coding makes life a lot easier.

there are so many more good modules out there, and these are by no means the only modules you should use when building a drupal site, but they are a great base point to start from.

at some point i will point out some other great modules and give a life update soon, but for now its late and tomorrow i have to do some consultancy work for my local church which will involve the setup of a brand new dedicated server for all there web needs and emails, its going to be fun.