3 Years Blogging and 66 Days to go!

it might surprise some that i have technically been blogging for 3 years, no one would have thought it, while this blog in its current form and domain is not that old, i have technically been blogging for that long, i should start with a very brief history πŸ™‚
So i decided to start blogging in October 2007, i had just started FP (Frontier Impact Project) – which is a volunteer year with a local church and also do theological training. I decided it would be good to download my thoughts, i had previously been badly mish mashing thoughts over on msn spaces or live journal or whatever was called then (one way or another everyone is getting moved to wordpress!) that lasted all of about 2 months.

Finished FP then decided to do an update and then promptly forgot again until the following year (09), by which point i decided to get a bit more disciplined and start blogging slightly more regularly. Until June this year i had previously used the Drupal CMS framework and i had some crazy ideas that i could extend the site with cool stuff but in reality that never happened, i decided to move (and move all my current blog content) over to wordpress and moved to the current domain at the same time. and thats me pretty much for 3 years of blogging

last friday was exactly 10 weeks until the big day and i cant wait and cant believe how quickly the days are counting down, but i cant wait either. last week i had to pick up my “Certificate of Authority” to marry and take it to the fulham registry office, this basically means i handed in my notice a little over 3 weeks ago and the mandatory 15 days had passed where they advertised to the general public that i was getting married and have a certificate to prove that. I can now legally and freely marry my best friend in the UK, many people know that we are getting married in Zimbabwe but to avoid the red tape and probable “Gift’s” that would have to be exchanged we thought it wiser to satisfy the legalities before we fly out, in a London registry office.

so for about a month it will be a kind of wierd limbo time we wont be married but legally we are, its helping me to thing that we won’t have been officially married under the eyes of God until New Year’s eve so are not really married so even though we have a piece of paper that says we are, I wont be considering myself married until 31st December 2010 and thats when our wedding anniversary will be each year and its not an easy date to forget and your pretty much guarenteed to have a fireworks display on your anniversary every year πŸ™‚

it’s 66 days until we tie the knot and i just cant wait, i wish it would come quicker but i know it has to go at the right speed otherwise we wont get all the neccesary planning and organisation done! and other important things like Hen & Stag parties πŸ™‚

its been a busy few days this last week with a fair bit of work coming through and new clients (praise God), am praying this continues to grow as God certainly has been blessing it so far

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  1. Snat says:

    Well done, I wish you the very best with your marriage and don’t worry, I am sure your month of limbo will fly by πŸ™‚

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