Newday: Lonnnggg Day

am writing this the morning after the long day, Wednesday was officially Day 1 of Newday, delegates started arriving and also so did the bulk of the servers, we had been prepared and made up all the badges we could before had and distributed the relevant ones to there teams but that was not even half of our number of servers (about 300 out of 750) so as normal we were manicly busy all day from about 8am until about 9:30pm only stopping for 45 mins for lunch and 45 mins for dinner.

i was on my feet all day and basically, taking photo’s, printing badges and laminating them, we must have printed somewhere near 200 badges yesterday, of which well over 100 were after lunch alone. i think i am slowly getting feeling back in my feet. as a result i sadly missed the main meeting last night and as i left this morning not had chance to listen to any of the worship or word. am actually looking forward to the live album this year. had a record low number of mocha’s this year at 2, not because i was trying to cut down but purely because we were so busy we never had time to have them, have possibly OD’ed on Mcdonalds McFlurry’s though because have had one every evening after leaving the showground this week.

am headed back to London on a train as i write this (hooray for iPhone tethering!) am glad to be able to pick up a reliable phone signal again, headed straight back into the office and back to work. after having had a nice fry up for breakfast.

keeping it short this morning due to sleep deprivation and the need to catch up with emails and civilisation in general.

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