He Rose – Jeff Johnson

every so often the band at church will get a selection of new songs to listen to and to learn, as part of the Sound team we also get the list of songs so that we can also learn the songs and the arrangements to enable us to mix the songs better and facilitate the worship times much more effectively. i was listening to the songs and this song really stuck out, the list of songs was a great list with a lot of really really powerful songs but this one really spoke to me at the time.

He rose is a song about the victory of the resurrection and how it is applicable to us in todays’ world, its written by Jeff Johnson and he says it was written straight out of a Beth Moore bible study.

A prophecy foretold
A King born unto man
A love the world had never known
But He was crucifed

But on the third day, He rose again
That’s when the meaning of my life began


He rose, Jesus He rose
My life’s been forgiven
This world holds no power
He rose, Jesus He rose
My life’s been redeemed
This prisoner’s set free
Death where’s your sting? He rose

Death made into life
I have been made new
I’m no longer bound by sin or shame
It was crucified with you

Bridge –

Scorned and broken He was nailed to a tree
Crushed to bring Godglory, and set the sinner free
Death was beaten, Satan seized of all his power
Hallelujah, Jesus won the victory

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