Back again!

well its been a while! Lots has happened recently, from my last post people will no i lost internet because of Sky’s idiot customer service team trying to upsell us a service we already had and then screwing up the upgrade as well. it took 6 weeks to get internet back online and i have to admit not having the internet at home made me get more things in order and as a result this blog became less of a priority.

the blog will continue to be less priority to me than other things but i will try and update it a little more. in other news i moved it to wordpress as i realised i wasnt ever going to use the extra power of Drupal on this site – I love the power of Drupal but i am a strong believer in using the best tools for the job and in this case WordPress wins it.

i have also changed server now too, i used to use debian and webmin/virtualmin but i got fed up with the hassle of managing it so moved to a slightly more powerful server and switched to Cpanel at the same time. i have to admit going back to Cpanel is a comforting thing. i have to say that it wouldnt have been possible if it wasnt for the flexibility and power of i was able to setup the new server in parallel to the old one and gradually move data over and switch dns over, once i was done i was able to delete the old server and delete the old nodes and recieve account credits for the unused portion of the nodes for the month – all in all it hasnt cost me much to move (probably a pound or 2 minus cpanel licensing)

also most people will have been used to my blog being on, this is now redirecting here (the content is the same) as i thought my name was a better url to have. thats all for now, trying to save my news up for other posts πŸ™‚

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