Monthly Archives: November 2009

Winter is upon us – clothes shopping

well what can i say the clocks have gone back, its now dark when i leave work πŸ™

the gale force winds and lots of rain is back, the big warm coat is firmly attached to my body whenever i step foot outside, topping it all off i got another cold grrr.

next step will be snow, but i dont expect that until about may 2010 based on the previous 2 years experience in london. this sudden cold snap though has meant i have had to evauate my wardrobe somewhat, i need some more jumpers and a proper coat (i didnt have a new one until last week)

this meant i had to do the unthinkable… go clothes shopping! i have to admit as a guy i dont really find much joy in going clothes shopping, i find it too much of a faff to go round lots of shops just finding something thats the right shape, right colour, and at the right price, i like to be efficient and not pay a fortune at the same time.

so last week i find myself wandering down oxford street on my own, getting annoyed at all the tourists that insist on walking at 0.5 mph when all i want to do is get to a few shops take a quick look around and get what i need. i am pleased to say i am still alive, my bank balance is still just about in check, i managed to get a decent winter jacket at a reasonable price, 2 more jumpers and a new pair of trainers as i had worn holes into my old pair.

i think i need a pat on the back for braving oxford street on a busy day in the run up to christmas and coming out alive, this is no mean feat for a guy without the assistance of a female partner! so i am now nice and warm when i go to and from work/uni/anywhere else and i still look reasonably smart at work (it still surprises some!) next time i will take backup!