i hate flu and colds

i really hate having a cold or flu or anything like that….

have had this stupid flu thing since friday afternoon (no its not piggy flu fortunately). i hate the endless sniffles, the feeling that your nose is on fire, the costant feeling of the need to swallow because something is tickling the back of your throat, the lack of energy, the headaches.

what i hate most of all is that things are so busy taking time off for sickness just isnt an option, i need to battle on, do as Jesus did, fight the good fight (ok bad link i know!)

things coming up for me are getting involved in the install of a new monitor sound desk at church (new in the sense we never used to have one – God bless Aviom) initial planning for a redevelopment of a considerable chunk of our main website.

hopefully going to be going on our churches equivalent of LifeChange Teams (a newfrontiers project), a “Transform team” to Johannesburg(Jo’burg) in South Africa, it should be exciting as it will be in january which is pretty much the height of the SA summer.

otherwise general stuff is going on as normal, Uni starts end of September, and mixing front of house at church on sunday at ChristChurch London

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