Monthly Archives: August 2008

FP Done

Well i have made it! a full 12 months of volunteer work completed! apologies for the lack of update over recent months but this has been a crazy time with everything that has happened from issues with my old flat, the usual shenanigans by local councils and a very busy few weeks surrounding Newday.

so Newday, it was an amazing time. i dont think i enjoyed it quite as much as i could have because i was so busy doing Newfrontiers IT work as well as serving in Cafe Edge (the best of course!) wasnt helpful having to travel back to London for church on the sunday morning, on the plus side i directed Visuals for the first time and it went ok.

so FP is done! i dont know what i am going to do with my Sunday mornings anymore (at least when i am not on PA or visuals, i guess at the moment i will be glad to have the rest and chance to lie in once in a while now πŸ™‚ its been a tough but amazing year. God has provided in so many ways this year from People being in the right place at the right time, Very Generous people!, some luck with financial things and more importantly a new Job that i absolutely love! there have been moments this year i wished i could give up and just go and curl up in a ball somewhere and wish it all would go away. God has been with me every step of the way so far and i have needed him more than ever, if in 20 years time i only remember one thing from this year (other than that the production guys are awesome!) is that total reliance on God is a must! there have been many times where i have been naive about things and thinking it would be fine on my own, but nearly everytime something has happened in which i have been left thinking why me? every moment like that has left me having to lean on God just that little bit more, but everytime i did he came through in ways i could never imagine. for instance my new Job.

it was sheer chance that the particular job was going in Newfrontiers at the time and that the hours were suitable and that its a job i love and thats being an IT guy, or in english a professional geek! i have finished the year on a high, i am not as burnt out as i thought i would be and i definately am not a nervous wreck! so all in all this year has been challenging but ultimately a success, and for me a success that honoured God every step of the way which is amazing and i hope i can translate that into my working life outside of the christian bubble i have been in this year. this next year is going to be interesting for me. i will be going to City University to study Computer Science and i am fired up and cant wait!

its gonna be another awesome year, i only hope i can honour God in it as much as i did this year