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General Update

well i revamped the site, so i might as well keep you all up to date with the comings and goings of my life, and besides i am feeling a little ill at the moment and cant sleep.

its been a busy week although it was a “normal” week – nothing is ever normal around here! sunday went incredibly smoothly, intially it looked like the production team were running late in terms of setup and lunch was late, but sound check, and rehearsal went well, and so did the service, i had been working on lighting states with Rhys, Paul and Tom during the week, and i think we have sorted all our running problems and not forgetting it now looks better! i have to get some time to work on a standard setup and program as the lighting arrangement settles down so that more people can learn how to do it and have just as much fun as i do! set down was just extra slick – i joined the ladies to help with refreshments and when i left the stage was already pretty much set down! and official leaving time (which is last person out of stage door – usually simon) was 20:13 which i believe is a record for set down on a baptismal service.

in terms of the service, it was awesome, it is always inspiring to see people being baptised in a west end theatre and to see 7 of them and at least 2 of them were friends was amazingly powerful, and i really felt Jesus calling “come follow me” through Adrian’s evangelistic message!

monday was same old same old, not much to say about it! tuesday was busy but productive, meetings, emails etc. one thing i do enjoy about tuesday’s is the chance to have lunch and spend time worshipping god and praying for things happening in the coming week, it is always a great time although quite often cold at the moment as we meet in a church building in parsons green! its great to share time with the elders, and its awesome that they can take some time out of there often very busy schedules to pray with the whole ChristChurch London team, they often have some interesting insight and quite often very humorous anecdotes!

wednesday was nice and cold! spent the morning sorting equipment out in our piccadilly store, didnt really get around to do much equipment checking as certain boxes were packed under other stuff so it was mostly a tidying and sorting morning and a little idea making and fact finding mission, not to forget picking up an orange tiny terror guitar head unit and cab unit from tottenham court road. now i worked both parts from TCR to the store, silly me should have thought and used the buses or even a taxi! for the afternoon i got to catch up with a good friend of mine, Miles, for a bit of lunch plus the grand tour of Bose, where he works, and i picked my favourite sound systems that if i won the lottery i would buy (after tything 10% to the church of course!!)

speaking of tything i must say god has really blessed me with this year so far and his provision is amazing and that was just by actually starting to tythe, at our offering service for example, i was really worried if i was in a financial situation to actually make an offering to god’s work, but when the time came to it i did so and actually felt glad i did, it was definately sacrificial and i honestly dont have any regrets for giving that money to god and if i did win the lottery tonight (i haven’t bought a ticket so unlikely!) i would most likely give a whole lot more than 10% of it to God’s work because he is so awesome!

phew that was a mouthful so anyway, wednesday concluded with heading down the golf bar to set up and run sound for our weekly alpha course (contact andy tilsley for more info – andy(at)christchurchlondon(dot)org), had some fun during setup when our pa broke and we had no time to go out and get the spare part (a fuse of all things!) so we had to use the golf bars speaker system, i haven’t yet had feedback on sound so dont know how it compares to normal.

thursday as always is a 10 am start for me however i mistimed tubes (in my favour) and arrived at around 9.30 ish in the office which was good as there was lots of little things to do and then the big thing that was setting up the new printer, which works brilliantly! and order parts to fix stuff and lots of admin things. thursday night was a slight non event, played some christian music nice and loud for about 20 minutes, router for the internet packed up so had to fix it! then got on with my study for my Frontier Project (FP). FP is quite a big thing to talk about so i will do that in another post soon! but needless to say i didnt feel i made any progress which is quite disconcerting, maybe i am looking in the wrong places i may even be forgetting to ask God more for help and guidance, who knows? i shall have to pray about it and ask for help!

friday, fairly slow day only 2 of us in the christchurch office, had to carry stuff to church for sunday and also did a little work in a bar in the evening for a party, its been a while since i last pulled a pint but i could almost say its like riding a bicycle! saturday, HAHA my lazy day no alarms set and i didnt wake up until 10 but for some reason i didnt get out of bed until 1pm! have not been feeling great of late and friday was the worst day because i had quite a cold, and wouldn’t be surprised if there are any tissues left in the office(sorry people!) i got to meet up with my brother for the first time in 5 years! which was good, it was a pity i had to cut it short because i was quite ill at the time (i suspect what i had eaten earlier in the day!) and well here we are, me writing this!

i think i might have to update this more often so i dont have to write as much at a time! maybe twice a week might work! if i remember!, the site will slowly change as i get to grips with the CMS system in place and start delving into the code and design/modify a theme for me! and i think the site name is due a change! until next time…

That’s How for Now!