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Google Wave – First Glance

well i finally got my wave invite, got in, found that for 100,000 first wave of invites there must be a lot of Anthony Somerset’s because i couldnt get a preferred username ๐Ÿ™

first looks. looks much like my mail client just a bit more shined up

bit underwhelming as no one is online at the moment, i should post a more full review in a few days/weeks

  • Blog Post: Education - ,
  • on a serious note happy to help with helping get things out on race weekends i rent a server just for times such as these ;),
  • wow amazing - did not realise demonoid was back was back!!!!,
  • have you considered private trackers like iptorrents? would love to assist if i can as i donโ€™t want to miss my fix!!,
  • I say keep pushing them here with magnet links!,