Shuffling stuff about

today has been a slow day for me. not a lot of work to do today, so i was productive and decided to continue to work on my business website, one of the things i am doing is splitting my blogging! my intention is that this blog becomes a personal blog and the other blog is a technical resource, that will mean that this blog will become less geeky and more about personal updates. most of my existing geeky posts will eventually make there way over to my work site and will get redirected from here (so i keep some SEO niceness) one or 2 will likely stay here though mainly because they dont quite fit onto the new blog just yet 🙂

uni lecture was boring but neccesary, will help me look into some professional development which means getting free or discounted access to courses, am hoping to firm up and get W3Schools certification on my HTML, PHP & MySQL and Javascript(if time allows)

got marriage prep tonight, should be good fun, am doing it with another couple who are my friends too which will be good. leaving this now with a link over to my new blog which currently has a nice intro of what its going to contain (to keep the geeks happy)

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