Busy month ahead

i have a very busy month ahead of me, some would say a gruelling schedule, so far it looks like this:

  1. tonight (8th) until thursday (12th) – working at newday
  2. 19th – 6th Sept in Zimbabwe! ( i fly through 2 other countries just to get there!)

Zimbabwe will include quite a few things such as

  • Meeting Marie’s parents for the first time (on my own no less – Marie comes out a few days later)
  • 5 hour drive to Antelope park for a friends wedding
  • hopefully if time permits, safari or standing with lions (no wrestling i promise 😉 )
  • being an usher/groomsmen at said wedding
  • 5 hour drive back to Harare from Antelope Park
  • helping prepare for a christian youth conference (Ignite Twenty 10) – hopefully fit in a bet of jet skiing too 🙂
  • helping run all things tech at Ignite Twenty 10 🙂

so all in all i am gonna be busy, but i am going to be having fun all the time, doing what i enjoy mixed in with meeting new people and some fun play time too! i will need a holiday from my holiday no doubt. if i can i will try and blog when in Zim but cant guarentee how the internet will cope out there not forgetting the not so unusual power cuts. i am praying that my time in Zim is fruitful and restful as well as busy. i am praying that all the technical aspects of Ignite go well and that we have no problems.

please pray for a safe and exciting trip

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